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08/05/18 ELMS-MONZA

Q&A with Norman Nato: “We need to have high expectations...”
This weekend sees Round 2 of the 2018 European Le Mans Series taking place at that most famous of motor racing circuits, Italy’s Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. The opening event saw Spain’s Racing Engineering team have the best possible start to their first ever race in the Championship when their drivers Norman Nato, Paul Petit and Oliver Pla took a stunning victory at Paul Ricard.

Below Norman Nato looks back to Paul Ricard and forward to Monza:
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First at all, congratulations on your first podium with Racing Engineering in ELMS during the first round in Paul Ricard! What does it mean to you to win your first race ever in an LMP2 car?

I didn’t expect us to be at this level straight away for the first race as we only did one day of testing and the LMP2 car is new to all the team and, for myself, there are a whole lot of changes compared to single seaters. The level of performance we showed at Paul Ricard was better than expected, especially when we know that we have a lot of points we can improve on. The team didn’t make any big mistakes, the same for myself and my team mates. A good global work from all the team.
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In ELMS you are racing the Racing Engineering car together with Paul Petit and Oliver Pla. Was it a big change from single seater racing to sharing a car with other drivers now and how was it for you to work with them?

Yes, it’s quite a big change for me, especially when I only did around 30 Laps in the car before Paul Ricard. There were quite a lot of things to learn and to adapt my driving. I’m happy with the work I’ve delivered in Paul Ricard as I still have a lot of things to improve and learn. Regarding my team mates and to have to share a car with someone that’s new for me. But I’m really lucky to have Olivier and Paul, we really have a good relationship, the atmosphere in the team is great and for me that’s important in helping the team to be at this level for the first race regarding the short amount of time we had to get ready.
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The next round up is Monza, where you already took a win with Racing Engineering in 2016. As a driver where do you see the requirements to succeed at this legendary track?

For sure on this track you need to be efficient on brakes and of course be fast on the straight. The team has experience on this track, same for me and my team mates so, the target will be to be fast during the race and not just focusing on one lap. That’s also a difference from single seaters.

The goal is set high, so what are your expectations for the upcoming event at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza?

For sure after such a good weekend in Paul Ricardo we have, and we need to have, high expectations. What we did in Paul Ricard wasn’t luck, so for me if we are able to improve on several points that we’ve focused on after Paul Ricard, I’m pretty sure that will be again able to fight for the win. The most important thing at the end is to finish the races, take experience and score points.